05 Juli 2011

Ocean Park - an exciting experience

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The Ocean Park is one of the leading theme parks in China with regard to the number of annual visitors it attracts. This massive tourist attraction covers a total area of 17 hectares and is separated by two large mountains which add to the natural beauty of the park. Located in the southern part of Hong Kong, this iconic theme park boasts of 35 rides and showcases more than 2000 varieties of fish housed in many different living conditions. The Ocean Park offers visitors much more than your average theme park.

An educational department that offers both children and adults useful information on oceanic life, well equipped laboratories that researches the world that lies beneath the waves and observatories that offer a unique view of how sea creatures behave in a replicated natural environment completes this theme park leaving no loose ends as far as ocean life is concerned. The
Ocean Park is also the very first institution to carry out a successful artificial insemination process on a living bottlenose dolphin which was recognized as an important step towards the conservation of the species. The park is also involved in breeding different forms of goldfish and is proud to have been able to successfully develop several varieties already.

The park itself is divided into 7 different categories which are Amazing Asian Animals, Lowland Gardens, Whiskers Harbour, Tai Shue Wan Entrance, Marine Land, Headland Rides and Adventure Land. Each of these sections offers a set of rides and shows that are spectacular to say the least. Shows featuring sea lions, otters and dolphins are but a few of the major attractions. The animal exhibits at this theme park are another main feature where pandas, various birds and a selection of rare fish species are on display for visitors.

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