28 Juli 2011

KLCC Aquaria – A World of Marine Life

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Here is a very special attraction - the KLCC Aquaria in Malaysia will take enthusiastic travellers on a journey through the mangroves, coral life, rain forests and seas, all at one location. The thriving country, home to this attraction, is well worth exploring and visitors here will be able to see a variety of sea creatures, corals and plant life.

The KLCC Aquaria boasts large pools and tanks that contain the likes of river fish such as giant catfish, poison dart frogs and leap frogs. The aquarium is also home to baby sharks and stingrays. These creatures can be touched with the help of the officials if interested. Other attractions here include the multi coloured coral life; however, it is known that these corals are handmade due to a certain safety policy at the aquaria.

At this breathtaking location, visitors can see over 3000 sea creatures all living in harmony amongst each other. The water is decorated with many shipwreck remains and diving here is a great way to see these attractions up close and personal. Whilst diving, visitors can also see the likes of eels, tiger sharks and other sea creatures.

What is more, travellers will be able to walk through a giant tunnel where water will be surrounding them. These attractions enable visitors to see the depths of the ocean while standing up, a site to behold. If glanced at carefully, visitors may see the shipwrecks, where schools of fish now live and divers feed and breed the fish. The tunnel, which is 55 millimetres thick, is the main attraction at the KLCC Aquaria. The tunnel is filled with more than 2.7 million litres of water and was made in Germany.

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