02 Juli 2011

Explore the Singapore Zoo

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Spread across 28 hectares of reserves this award-winning Zoo attracts visitors from all over the world. With extensive breeding and conservation programmes the Zoo has gained an international reputation. The efforts which go in to veterinary care and the day to day health of the inhabitants set this Zoo apart from other similar facilities in the world. It’s Wildlife Healthcare and Research Centre is one of the recent developments towards its efforts for better health standards for the animals. Being part of the Wildlife Reserves Singapore the facility is also acts as a centre for the rescued wildlife.

The Zoo is designed is such a manner to provide its guest with a true tropical rainforest experience. Guests are assured of a sensational experience as they step in and the whole enchanting encounter which is so captivating visitors generally forget the fact that they just stepped in from a concrete jungle.

Explore the trails affording the different colourful flora of the tropics and give ear to the tales the cotton-top Tamarins have to say. Or simply take in the reverberating tunes of the Siamangs as you venture further in the beauty of Mother Nature. Lookout for the Orang-Utan and other mysterious apes and the recreated key habitats from all over the world including the Australian Outback and the Ethiopian Great Rift Valley.

The inhabitants can easily be viewed as you walk along. Living in their natural habitats, these animals compliment the natural forest they inhabit. The Zoo has methodically used different types of moats to separate the inhabited forest areas allowing guests leisure walk through the tropics.

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