05 Juli 2011

Discovering ’Nam with Hanoi Kids Tours

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Described by many as one of the most potent ways to uncover the treasures of the Vietnamese capital, the Hanoi Kids Tours has grown in size and scope since its humble beginnings in 2007. Revolutionising the tourist landscape of the capital the free tour service run by college students is gaining ground as one of the most innovative initiatives to hit the streets of the Vietnamese capital. Established by a handful of undergrads to improve their English language skills and breach cultural gaps, the organization offers visitors free tours of their beloved city with students forming the core of their tour guiding body. Travellers from across the globe have experienced the informative and engaging outings conducted by these enthusiastic students with a passion for their home town as the sightseeing excursions lets visitors experience the city as its residents do with special focuses on its most captivating nooks and crannies. A wide variety of tour packages are available to guests who choose the Hanoi Kids Tours as their tour operators. Other than reaping the benefits of an absolutely free tour guide/s visitors are also guarantees an insider’s look in to what makes the city tick, its inherent culture, beauty and age old traditions.

Some of the more popular excursions on the H.K.T itinerary include the Van Phuc Silk Village visit which takes visitors to the shores of the Nhue Thi River to explore the silk producing village with a long history in weaving, traditional sericulture and silk manufacturing. The Hanoi Old Quarter Tour and the Vietnam Fine Art Museum expedition are also preferred options while history buffs will be more than pleased with the comprehensive Ho Chi Minh Complex visit which takes a deeper look into the war-torn country’s turbulent past. Other headlining items include the Temple of Literature expedition and the Vietnam Ethnology Museum tour that focuses on the country’s multi-ethnic identity. The Vietnam Military History Museum Tour is also a fantastic way to get acquainted with the country’s war with the French while pottery enthusiasts will enjoy the Bat Trang pottery village visit which explores the birthplace of exquisite Bat Trang bowls, vases and plates and the village’s legacy of creating beautiful ceramic and clay products throughout the ages.

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