05 Juli 2011

Bonorong Park Wildlife Centre - in touch with nature

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Isolated from the massive Australian continent, Tasmania teems with wildlife and lush vegetation. This heart shaped slice of paradise is also Australia’s only island state. Untouched to a great extent, Tasmania remains to shelter some of the most iconic animals that call Australia home. Due to the island being separated from the Australian continent, early English settlers were reluctant to seek refuge in Tasmania. Even to this day Tasmania quite surprisingly remains to be unburdened by human existence. However, hunting various animals for sport and various other reasons has made an impact on the eco system of the island. Today, poaching endangered species and hunting without a licence is punishable by law.

The Bonorong Park Wildlife Centre located in Brighton, Tasmania is one of the most frequented tourist attractions in the state. Hundreds of visitors flock to this wildlife sanctuary each year to learn about the animals that inhabit Tasmania and interesting facts on how some of these creatures have fought to survive in a world dominated by human existence. The Tasmanian devil is arguably one of the most loved and recognisable animal species which has been recorded to be endemic to this particular region. While Tasmanian devils were a quite regular sight several decades ago, the numbers of devils have steadily decreased during the past few decades due to excessive hunting and disease.

Thanks to initiatives sponsored by the state and various other independent organisations such as the Bonorong Park Wildlife Centre, the Tasmanian devil has been given a much deserved second chance at survival. The often forgotten yet amazing Tasmanian tiger however was not that fortunate and was erased off the face of the earth forever.

In an effort to recreate the bond long lost between man and nature, the Bonorong Park Wildlife Centre prides itself in offering a chance for the visitor to get up close and personal with kangaroos, Tasmanian devils and a number of other animals. Devoted to conserving nature, the sanctuary also acts as a rehabilitation centre for wounded and orphaned animals such as koala bears and kookaburras.

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