08 Mei 2011

The Magic House St. Louis: captivating the hearts and minds of children

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Considered the 16th largest city in the United States, St. Louis is situated on the picturesque banks of the Mississippi river. Located in the state of Missouri, the metropolis was originally founded by colonial French traders Pierre Laclede and Rene Auguste Chouteau at the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers.

Its unique locale made it an ideal trading town with many ships passing through the city’s waters. Plus like all great river based cities in the USA, St. Louis benefited immensely from the industrial revolution.

Thanks to its diverse cultural heritage due to significant influxes of migrants from around Europe in the 19th century especially from Ireland, Germany and Italy, the city is a melting pot of delicious cuisine and European style neighbourhoods and landmarks.
Noted as a key musical city in the USA, St. Louis made great contributions via the introduction of the blues, ragtime and jazz to the world forever etching its mark in international history and the hearts of a nation.

Many attractions in great cities are created for the benefit of children, but few capture that sense of unhindered wonder and curiosity within an intimate atmosphere like the Magic House in St. Louis. Founded in 1979, the Magic House is an interactive museum providing fun hands on learning experiences for children of all ages.

Many parents and experts say children learn through doing, it is through this aim that the museum hopes to broaden little minds giving them glimpses into the amazing worlds of science and history.

Housed in a restored Victorian mansion that exudes a formal air of regality, it deceptively hides the museum’s playful nature.

Exhibits start off with those catered to under twos and up with the peek a boo barn, baby gym and miniature school bus for toddlers to play with each other and have an appealing experience.
One of the most popular attractions is the children’s village where kids get to star in their own newscast, build a firehouse two storeys high or catch fish at the “friendly pond”. The “Expericenter” is all about creative expression and curiosity with an art studio and lab where kids can try fun experiments learning about science.

Recently opened exhibits include the “Can you solve the mystery” where children investigate a case and look for clues in a meticulously set up interactive area. The “star- spangled centre” is designed to mimic the oval office and helps kids learn about the illustrious history of the United States.

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