17 Desember 2009

History created facebook

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Facebook was founded by a Harvard student named Mark Zuckerberg in February 2004. Originally hell named Facebook (Campus name of a magazine called "Face book": d that is used to introduce new students to know the campus community). Facebook is made to create an online community so people can know each other and connect people who have similar interests and hobbies. When first discovered Zuckerberg Facebook
, He just wants to make it to Harvard students, and no more than a month, more than half that has passed has become a member. Then after two months of forming Zuckerberg has opened the virtual doors to accept members from Yale and Stanford, and in April 2004, Facebook now has a campus institution and also some big companies. in December 2004, Facebook has been broaden to include 1 million members.

Year 2005 is the year of triumph proved to Zuckerberg and Facebook. in May, Facebook has joined the AccelPartners at a large company and has made ​​a fortune 08.12 dollars. in August Zuckerberg Facebook.comnya domain buy from a company called ABoutface for $ 200,000 (come on who would dare to buy a domain for $ 2 billion?, wuih not main2 this dah I think). And finally born up as we know it today. Meanwhile, in the redesigned Facebook page though more User Friendly. Facebook launched a version for anak2 high school in September. and the end of the year Facebook has been widened and include members of the 2000 campus and more than 25 thousand schools.

In 2006 there was a request from a member to invite middle school students to join the network of students. and on September Zuckerberg has opened up, everyone who receives more than 13 years of age or older with an email verification wrote.

Facebook began looking into the online business world and in May announced a further ads to its site. It brings intense competition with other companies like Facebook is also starting to make an application called Facebook ads, a marketing system that allows a user to share information with their Facebook friends. Facebook is estimated to have a member of 60 million people by the end of 2007.

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Anonim mengatakan...

sriuZz tuHh, bkan x jeF yg bkiN FB yuHh....

deepee mengatakan...

wah buat jadi sukses ternyata butuh perjuangan kek gitu ya, hmm...bisa jadi inspirasi gue nieh
thank's sob

Tutorial Blog mengatakan...

mahal amat ya beli domain sampai 2 milyar...hehe

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