19 Desember 2009


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- Avatar managed to dominate the online ticket sales. Film technology with 3D (three dimensional) has become the prey of moviegoers on the Internet. Although many say the film is not the largest nor the special effects are terdahsyat, but Avatar terbukit be one of the awaited films in 2009.

This film managed to dominate the online ticket sales are guarded by two U.S. companies, Movieticket and Fandango. Movietickets alone recorded 70% ticket sales dominated sci-fi film directed by James Cameron - who had catapulted the movie Titanic. Meanwhile, Fandango reported the percentage of sales actually reached 87%.

  From the statistical data pre-orders Avatar recorded, the highest ticket sales are for IMAX 3D version or the screening of 3D as much as 75% -89%. quoted from TechGear, Saturday (19/12/2009), the majority of buyers come from among men.

In addition to rule the online ticket sales in America, this film is equally crowded discussed by users microblogging site Twitter. When judging a list of trending topics on Twitter, this film is on the order of the 6th and reap many positive comments from the Tweetizen.

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Laksamana Embun mengatakan...

Kmren dah baca sinopsis nya juga.. Klihatannya seru,, Ada ga soft copy nya yop,hhe

Blz comment lah kalau aku comment cuy, :)

yopi mengatakan...

blum ada sob..
ntar klo ada tak masukin..

akhatam mengatakan...


Diponegoro Adventure mengatakan...

Semarang belum dikunjungi avatar hehehe

Kemarin waktu ada tugas belajar di jakarta and nginap di kampung rambutan pengennya nonton avatar di depok tapi sayang gak terlaksana..

sedih hehee

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