22 Oktober 2009

Icon record yopyrinaldi

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    As a blogger beginners, there is still much I do not know in my blogger.Karena world are still under study, for it was for fellow bloggers I hope there is input for this blog and want to share my links.

Speaking of bloggers recently I had to make "Icon" for my blog, for forming its own image aja (heee,, let qeyen). iconnya emang sih simple, but behind the icon has a deep meaning (really dramatizes ceeile. ..,, wkkk .. k). I take from the initials of my name that begins the letter "y",, mmhh, quite UNIC is (in my opinion, ntahlah ngelihatnya bwt visitors). But this is creativity, each person must have different selera.I hope to launch my icon is added interest in this blog for follower.

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