18 Oktober 2009

How to use the internet with Netcut and Antinetcut

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As one who always needs the internet network, you must be as much as possible connected to the Internet. One way to connect your PC or laptop with Internet network is to use a wifi network or Wireless. Today has been a lot of places that offer free wireless network. But have you found your wireless network or a slow lemot? How irritating it. When cool download critical applications, arrive - came off your wireless connection. Huh .. sucks!! Do you know why it happened?

We disconnect the wireless connection is usually caused because too many wireless users with the same connection with us. Suppose the user as much as 5 people, then the connection will be divided into 5. Just imagine if the user as much as 100 people, how slow the connection was. In addition to its many wireless users, the network interrupted frequently for one wireless user using the application to decide our wireless connection. One is the software name Netcut.

Netcut is software that is used to break our wireless connection. So with this application, we can manage the network used in a wireless area. We also can cut off all connections or wireless access, which means we only own a wireless and automatic increases our connection speed.

Use of this software is very easy, you stay [download Netcut], then install and restart your computer. After that run the software. When the software is run then the software automatically detects all computers that are online in the hotspot network you're using. To break one's internet access in the hotspot network, you live select and click Cut Off. Remember!! Do not give your own access network because your connection will be disconnected as well if you do it. Usually you access a connection or are on the second row on the list of users that are online. If you want to turn off / cut off Internet access to all users in the hotspot include you, then decide to stay (Cut Off) its IP Gateway is in the right column.

Oh yes, this software can also be used in LAN networks, such as in a cybercafe. You can just replace the Netcard (on the left above) with the LAN adapter. After that will see the current user onlina using this LAN network. Then do manage networks such as the above. But I suggest you do not do it because it can be known by the owner when he warnetnya using Antinetcut.

Antinetcut is software that is used to prevent the use Netcut. With Antinetcut, you can thwart wireless access termination action to the laptop or PC. You live [Download Antinetcut], install and restart your computer. Then run Antinetcut. After the run, Antinetcut will protect you from wireless Netcut. You can also find out who is using Netcut by right-clicking the icon on the bottom right. Its icon is usually a picture shaking hands 2 hands. Then choose "who is using Netcut" in Indonesian. In English, I forgot. Hehehehe ... there will be seen anyone using Netcut. But do not get me wrong, because the wireless providers will be detected. If the detected only wireless provider, which means no use Netcut. Antinetcut can also protect from the program - a program that causes the dissolution connection, other than Netcut course.

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